Volume 2 – From Birth to 29 Months

Number 1 – Survey Description and Methodology

As in Volume 1 Number 1, this paper provides readers unfamiliar with the Québec Longitudinal Study of Child Development information which is indispensable for a clear understanding of the results presented in the 13 papers of Volume 2, the first in this series to provide longitudinal analyses. Part I of the paper revisits conceptual, operational and logistical aspects of the QLSCD. It presents details on the data collection instruments and reviews the major themes of the first three years of the QLSCD 1998-2002. "Cooperation levels" of the parents and the children are shown, and there is a brief description of the processing and validation of the data. Part II of the paper focuses on statistical aspects of the survey, presenting cross-sectional and longitudinal response rates. The approach taken to reduce possible biases due to overall non-response is also discussed. Finally, complementary aspects such as partial non-response, statistical methods used in the analyses and the way the complex sample design is considered are described.